How to write a compare and contrast essay

You are a graduate of the university. Graduation work is ahead. If you are worried about how to successfully write and protect it, then listen to our advice. writing a How to write a compare and contrast essay is a fairly long and time-consuming work. It requires concentration, perseverance, knowledge and patience. Thesis work is […]

How to write a book title in an essay

Five years of study behind. The finish line loomed ahead. But without a thesis, you can not see the cherished “crust”. Writing a thesis project requires a lot of patience and motivation from the student. Well, with motivation it is necessary to believe, problems will not be. Preparation of the thesis is a multi-stage process, […]

How to “find” a relevant topic for a dissertation?

The start of postgraduate studies is a period of active scientific research, which is usually accompanied by the emergence of a mass of questions for a graduate student. To answer these questions is very difficult. There are few actual methodological manuals devoted to the performance of qualifying scientific works on the market of educational literature, […]

Presentation for dissertation

A presentation being prepared to defend a thesis is an element that cannot be dispensed with. To protect the result of their hard work on scientific work, it is necessary to make a high-quality design with illustrative material. Dissertation theses and calculations, graphs are placed in the PowerPoint template, combined with the text of the […]

How to cite in APA style?

Traditionally, the advantages and benefits of the Internet include the combination of three possibilities: a universal transmission medium, a publicly accessible repository of information and unique forms of communication. New sites, information services, electronic information resources on the Internet appear so quickly that they make it difficult to describe and link to them. Indicate the […]